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Crab Timbale

(4 portions)

  • 200g Ocean Isle Premium crab meat
  • 60 g Fennel 'finely diced'
  • 1 lemon (unwaxed) 'Juice of'
  • 10 g Coriander, fresh
  • 15 ml Mayonnaise
  • 100 g Avocado Ripe 'small'
  • 0.5 ea Lemons (unwaxed) 'Juice of half'
  • 30 g Philadelphia '/or Crème Fraiche'
  • 50 g Red Pepper
  • 50 g Cucumber
  • 35 g Onions
  • 5 g Garlic
  • 200 g Tomatoes 'ripe'
  • 40 g White bread
  • 15 ml Mayonnaise
  • 1 x Seasoning - salt/pepper/cayenne


1. Remove core from pepper, peel cucumber, onion and garlic, cut tomatoes in quarters and remove stalk then pass through a juice extractor or liquidize.

2. Remove the crusts from the bread and roughly cut up, add to the juices from above and leave for 20 minutes.

3. Pass through a strainer squeezing all the liquid out.

4. Whisk in mayonnaise, check seasoning, and add salt, pepper and cayenne to taste. A little white wine vinegar or lemon juice could be added to give sharpness.

5. Keep chilled but not too cold.


1. Cut the avocado in half and remove the stone, then peel away the skin. Remove any bruises or blemishes.

2. Mash the avocado with the cream cheese (or crème fraiche) and lemon juice, then using a hand blender puree the mix and pass through a fine sieve.

3. Place in the fridge for 30 minutes to set.


1. Carefully mix the crab meat with the rest of the ingredients (except mayonnaise) taking care not to mash the meat.

2. Fold in the mayonnaise and season to taste with salt and pepper.

3. Take 4 x 6.5cm (approx) stainless steel rings and divide the crab mixture between them (approximately 80g each) then press down 3/4 full.

4. Divide the avocado cream between mould’s and smooth with a palate knife then chill for approximately 30 minutes to allow cream to set.

5. Place each timbale in a soup bowl and carefully remove the ring, pour the gazpacho dressing around to cover the bottom of the bowl (approximately 1cm deep).

6. Garnish with salmon keta or black lump fish roe and serve.

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Any questions… send Phil an email at