Finest Blue Swimming Crab meat from the pristine waters of the Indian & Pacific Oceans


Traditional values enhanced by modern technology delivering sustainable, safe, and trustworthy seafood

Freshly caught with a succulent sweet flavour and in 24 hours the journey begins to your table.

Freshness is everything and freshness depends on the very best crabs landed live in prime condition. Cooked instantly to seal in the freshness. The quality journey must pass several constant quality inspections. Shell is painstakingly removed during three visual inspections; the final is under specialist lighting to detect the smallest particles.

Packing the crab meat is hygiene critical and carried out under the most stringent of best food industry practices. They are validated by UK/EU/USA. governmental requirements for food safety. Our next and most important step is a secondary thermal process which enhances further levels of food safety and product life. The fresh products are now refrigerated and shipped by sea to your table.

Ocean friendly

Making seafood easy to enjoy is our mission

Ready to eat and delivered in reusable packaging that can be eventually recycled with environmental considerations in mind. See our recipes for inspiration and find us instore at: